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Nov 20th 2017
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  • Recommended for 550-700 sq. ft.
  • Four operational modes: Cooling/Heating/Dehumidifying/Fan
  • 14,000btu cooling power and 11,000btu heating power (heat pump technology)
  • 3 fan speeds
  • R410 refrigerant
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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General description

WA-1420H: 14,000BTU movable AC with Heater.

Recent reviews of SPT WA-1420H Portable Air Conditioner with Heater, 14000 BTU:

I really like the air conditioner, its compact and works well, I’m using it for a garage so its nice to have the heater in the same unit as it takes up less space. I could recommend this product.

Great product. Ok so here is the deal. I live in the San Diego, ca area. We had a HOT summer and into October 2015, we have weeks in the mid 90’s. All the local Home Depots and Lowes were sold out of every movable AC unit. So I had to purchase this online. Anyway, this is a great AC unit. I have read in a review that it is deafening. I could disagree. It is an AC unit that needs to blow cold air, so it is not calm but I would not describe it as deafening. It is not annoying by any means. I now have it in my living room/kitchen area. Open space floor plan. On high it gets the complete area COOL in about 10-15min. Amazing. I have not had to drain any water still, but, I do no have the AC unit on 24/7. Once it is cool outside, I turn on my house fan. I use this only for the hot parts of the day (12:00-17:00). This is an off brand appliance, however depending on reviews, it blows it is competition out of the water and it is easily 200-300 cheaper. The LG movable AC unit(s) are complete garbage. Awful reviews and my friend who bought one, hates it. The SPT is awesome. Everything I wanted and much cheaper. One thing I can say negative is that it does not come with a garden hose-style drain hose. If you have to run this ALL day, you will have to attach a hose and run it outside or into a can for constant drainage. This way you do not have to empty the interior pan every time. Cheap hose that you may get at any hardware store. Not a big deal or deal breaker. I have not tried the heater mode still, however I am hoping it is just as good as the AC. I have solar to I wanted to decrease my gas handling and stick to electrical heating. This unit is all In one. 5 stars and a great product. I greatly recommend it. I have only had it a couple weeks so not sure on durability still, however so far so good.

Great device, and manages to take the edge off of my whole place (700+ sq ft apartment, with 12 ft high ceilings) on days that get up to 96+ Fahrenheit by using some fans to spread the cool air outside of the bedroom. The place is west-facing, with 9-10 foot high windows that let in lots of light, so the afternoons and evenings were to get very toasty previous to purchasing this. There was some extra work needed because the window tilts out, however the exhaust hose clips to the window and the back of the device pretty solidly. I did wrap the exhaust hose with silver insulated tape to attempt to prevent the heat from radiating back into the room, and it looks to have been a pretty efficient modification, if it is not the most stylish. I have had it running pretty near daily for well over a month, and have not had to drain it still. It is not especially noisy for an air conditioner, although the whole unit is inside instead of some of it being outside like a window unit, however it is been quite some years since I have needed an AC, so the compressor kicking on and off at night is enough to wake me. As long as it is running steadily it is easily tuned out as white sound, however the turn-on of the compressor is jarring, so the timed turn-off is priceless to let it run most of the night and turn off halfway throughout the night. The remote control and timer capability for turning on and off is excellent, however not really programmable for recurring on/off times, so it is a day-by-day setting, however very priceless to have the place comfy when I get home from work. All in all it is been a great buy, and I am happy with it so far.

Compare with similar products:

Honeywell Commercial Indoor-Outdoor 52 Pint Evaporative Cooler 2 Speeds and Powerful Flow vs WA-1420-H

Movable Commercial OUTDOOR/INDOOR Evaporative Air WA-1420H Cooling SystemThe Honeywell52 Pt. Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Evaporative Air Cooler offers an energy economical choice for cooling commercial places like a garage, retail shop space, warehouse office and outdoor restaurant regions. Honeywell evaporative air coolers don’t require power hungry parts like compressors. The low power intake (190 watts) translates into important savings on energy bills in comparison to air conditioners. Just unpack, add water and plug it in. For indoor use, place near an open door or window in a room up to 462 square feet. For outdoor use, this lasting weather-tolerant, metal unit has an air-throw up to 9. 3 yards. Powerful 16-inch blades, two fan speeds and oscillating louvers evenly distribute strong, cool air. A uninterrupted water supply connection, 6. 6-gallon water tank and fitted overflow protection let long periods of unattended operation, making it perfect for commercial applications. Plus, lasting smooth-gliding caster wheels let easy mobility. FeaturesCommercial evaporative air cooler for indoor or outdoor useIndoor use: For rooms up to 462 sq. FtOutdoor use: Air-throw up to 9. 3 yardsNon-compressor system cools naturally, proficiently and inexpensivelyHoneycomb cooling media on 3 sides for fast, economical cooling performance6. 6-gallon (52-pint) water tank with low water alarmContinuous water supply connection let long periods of unattended operation16-Inch large fan blades for powerful 1270 CFM air flowReliable, easy-to-operate mechanical control panel2 Speeds include high and lowOscillating louvers distributes cool air during the roomDurable weather-tolerant metal unitFour lasting, smooth-gliding caster wheels let easy mobility6 Ft. Long power cord.

Whynter 14,000 Dual Hose (ARC-14S)

Get cool, clean air anywhere you need it with the Whynter 14,000 Btu ARC-14S Dual Hose Eco-Friendly movable Air Conditioner. This sleek, black-and-gray movable air conditioner is greatly efficient at drawing warm air from your space and converting it into cool, new air. This powerful unit includes an auto drain function for controlling condensation, four operational modes, and an easy-to-install dual-hose venting system.

Portacool LOUVER-KIT-48 Louver Kit for 48-Inch Portacool Evaporative Coolers

The Portacool LOUVER-KIT-48 Louver Kit for 48-Inch Portacool movable Evaporative Cooling Units consists of plastic louvers that let for multi-directional air flow. The louvers are adjustable and direct airflow to be more concentrated or more dispersed. This Louver Kit fits all 48-inch evaporative cooling units, old or new. They may be used as horizontal or vertical louvers, and they install easily with screws. For over 20 years, Portacool, LLC was the business leader in the design and manufacturing of movable evaporative cooling units and evaporative cooling media. We concentrate in evaporative cooling: HVAC and agriculture merchandise, industrial and commercial merchandise with personal and residential merchandise.

13,700 – ENERGY STAR – 115 volt – 12.2 EER Kuhl Series Room

View bigger View bigger Superior Comfort & Performance: Kühl was engineered for calm, still powerful operation. Extra thick rubber motor mounts take in vibration and decrease sound inside, while steel inner walls and extra concentrated insulation block outdoor sound. Kühl’s 8-way air flow systems offer exact air distribution which means faster cooling when you need it most.

Koldfront 14,000

The Koldfront 14,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner (PAC1402W) unites powerful cooling potential with a amazingly compact size. With the capability to cool a room up to 500 square feet in size, this air cooler is perfect for bedrooms, offices, living rooms, or any big space that is not being served by central air conditioning. The air conditioner also functions as a 107 pint/day dehumidifier, a feature that may be used independently or in mix with the air cooling function. The PAC1402W makes it simple to control the temperature with a digital thermostat, a three-speed fan, and a remote control that lets you to access these settings from across the room. This air cooler is self-draining, meaning that in most climates any accumulated moisture will automatically self-evaporate without any manual draining on your part.

Quick Connect AC System – 24000 – Remote Control – Cooling Only – Mini Split – 2000 Watts – 240/208 Volts – 8.8 Amps – Aura ACAU24QC

Aura Systems is one of the 1st businesses to offer ductless mini-split air conditioners to the hydroponics business. The Aura System mini-split units are intended to manage the stress and constant operation obliged to preserve correct temperature in a grow room. Constructed of high-quality Japanese interior parts using the highest grade pure copper coils and lines, these ductless mini-split units recirculate and condition the air in your room while keeping in CO2.

Frigide FRA093PT1 9,000 Remote Control

Frigidaire’s FRA093PT1 9,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner is perfect for medium to big size rooms up to 425 square feet. This unit features electronic controls and full function remote control. The antimicrobial filter decreases bacteria, room odors, and other airborne particles for a comfy environment. It also will include swing air direction control and 2 speeds for cool and fan.

Wrisky Mini Small Fan Cooling Desktop Dual Bladeless USB NEW (Green)

Electrical plug:USB 5V and power shifter(The current of USB interface of general mobile should be lower than 500MA) Parameter5V / 500MA Power:2. 5W Battery: 1. 5V, 3 AA batteries. (Package not include the battery) How to use: Use the 3 AA Battery Or the USB. Material: ABS Outer size:115mm x 110mm x 135mm/4. 49” x 4. 29” x 5. 27”(approx) 5 Colors for decide:Green/Hot pink/Blue/Purple/Orange Quantity: 1 pc Note:CHOCKING HAZARD – small Parts. Not for kids under 3 years. Note: caused by the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the real color of the item. Thanks.

New AC-12200E

The NewAir ac-12200e is a 12,000 BTU movable air conditioner with many features. It’s a 3-in-1 unit so it may be used as an air conditioner, fan or dehumidifier in spaces up to 425 square feet. Complete with an anti-bacterial water tray and air filter, you may be able to rest guaranteed you’re to get clean air. Electronic controls, a 24 hour timer and a remote control are all there to make the unit as easy and convenient to use as possible. The efficiency booster feature allows you to add water to keep the compressor cool and running as proficiently as possible. Auto-evaporative technology is there so you do not have to worry about emptying the water tank.

Honeywell MN12CES 12,000 Remote Control – Black/Silver (Certified Refurbished)

Silently cool the air with the sleek Honeywell MN12CES movable Air Conditioner which not only cools but also dehumidifies the air. With a 12,000 BTU capacity, the unit delivers best cooling to spaces up to 450 Square feet. Unlike a fixed AC, this unit requires no permanent installation and four caster wheels make it simple to move from one room to another. Each feature may be easily operated with the remote control. The Auto-Evaporation System lets for hours of uninterrupted operation with no water to drain. This model comes with everything needed as well as an easy-to-install window venting kit which may be removed when the unit isn’t in use. This movable air conditioner comes with a 5 -year restricted warranty. Gives free parts and labor for one year from buy date, 5 years on all parts of the sealed system composed of the compressor, evaporator, condenser and factory connected refrigerant tubing. Features Cools up to 450 square feet. 3-in-1 functions: cooling, fan and dehumidification. Fitted dehumidifier, remove up to 70 pints / 24hours. Feather-touch LED controls. New no-drip technology using an auto-evaporation system. Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant. 24 hr. Energy saving programmable timer. Adjustable temperature from 61 to 90 degrees fahrenheit. Powerful air flow 163 CFM (4. 6 CMM). Single 3. 94 ft hose. Window bracket adjustable from 19. 9 to 47. 25 inches. Minimum sound level of 53 dBA. Plans 24 Hour Timer – Yes Color Family – Black Con.

Shinco 12,000 Remote Control – OnSale-

About this item Features of the Shinco Air Conditioner include three-in-one technology, 2 washable pull-up filter and an environmentally friendly compressor. Plus, the full-function remote control that comes with this 12,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner lets you to operate it from across the room. With dehumidification of up to 79. 2 pints per day, the Shinco Air Conditioner has an auto on/off timer that may be programmed from one to 24 hours to match your needs. The Shinco movable Air Conditioner with Remote Control comes with caster wheels to make transporting a breeze. The calm operation and powerful air flow of the 12,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner make it a smart choice for someone who wants maximum performance. Features – Outside-water-cooled made enhances cooling efficiency and cooling speed. – Self-evaporative system helps to save energy and protect environment. – Dual-cold protection, three minutes restart delay function. – Anti-frozen function under cooling. – Micro-processor control panel. – Electronic IR remote control large angle. – Strong humidity extraction. – Electronically controlled 3 speed cooler. – Changeable air filter. – Heat exchanger with inner groved copper tube aluminum foil and secondary water cooling. Warranty This product has 1 Year make Warranty.

PORTACOOL JetStream 270

Cools the biggest area in the Portacool Jetstream™ series Liquid level display with auto pump shutoff protects your product and investment Equipped with KUUL evaporative media, the highest-quality evaporative media available and made in the USA entirely for Portacool merchandise Three year warranty on all electrical parts Lifetime warranty on evaporative cooler housing.

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KY-80 E9 DB AC-12000HSF-607H PACKA43CP14 PAC-C120E
AC-10100E HCB-P08-B DBKY2-100 SF-608RHPB08XCM FFPH1422R1
NPC1-12.5C-W SF-614PDPA085B1GB 68395WNPA1-08C ipac08ks
WA-9061H NPC1-12.5C-WMCP44 IPAC14KSHP01-POOL-01 AC-12100E
AC-10100H 68395WCAP-12CR1SEJS NPA1-08CMK-47-CS ARC-10K
OP24 CAP-12CR1SEJSWA-1061H PN-ZL01CCSD373742 PAC1201W
AA14 SF-614PCCDD383840 MCP44CL201AE APAC140HC


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