April 21, 2017

SWS50-8.5FX 1/2 (Wayne) has great reviews


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General description

Wayne SWS50-8. 5FX 1/2 hp shallow jet well pump recharged 8. 5-Gallon tank system. Will include 8. 5 gallon recharged tank. 30-50 psi pre-set pressure switch included. Shallow well system. Constructed of lasting cast-iron.

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Franklin 93614508 4" Submersible End Only 45GPM 2 Motor Required vs SWS50-8.5-FX

Franklin 93614508 4" 4400 High SWS50-8.5FX Capacity Submersible Water Well Pump End Ony. 45 gallons per Minute, 2 hp motor obliged Motor Not Included Features: 4 performance ranges 35, 45, 60 and 90 gpm Stainless steel discharge head and motor bracket High flow impellers and phases are glass-filled Noryl for maximum efficiency Ceramic shaft sleeve and rubber discharge bearing removes sand wear Intermediate bearing for increased shaft stability Floating eye and hub seals for improved performance and efficiency Stainless steel hex pump shaft, shell and shaft coupling High capacity upthrust assembly for protection throughout start-up and operation (45, 60 and 90 gpm models) Powered by Franklin corrosion-tolerant 4 submersible motors 2 NPT discharge tapping Check valve must be ordered individually.

Superior 94715 3/4 Convertible

Fitted thermal overload protection for safety. Rugged cast iron pump body for durability. Tough thermoplastic impeller. Glass filled thermoplastic diffusor. Pre-mounted, completely adjustable pressure switch. For shallow well applications up to 25-foot depth. May be used in deep well applications. 3/4 HP dual voltage motor, 115/230v.

Berkeley 15LT2 Horizontal Multi-Stage 1.5 115/230V

Berkeley 15LT2 Horizontal Multi-Stage Jet Pump 1-1/2 hp, 115/230 Volts, 1-1/4" Suction, 1" Discharge, 1" Drive, 2 phases. Features auto Pressure Regulator – Faster-acting and quieter design removes "hunting" for correct drive pressure. New improved stem and guide are exactly molded to guarantee economical, trouble-free performance on all deep wells. Quality Construction – Close-grained cast iron pump body is a rugged, one-part unit. Specially treated to resist corrosion. Drain port provided for easy winterization. Precision Machined Diffusers – for faster priming Mechanical Shaft Seal – Precision lapped and greatly polished carbon-ceramic, stainless steel construction. Interior design guarantees uninterrupted water lubrication for maximum protection Polycarbonate Impellers – Precision molded for perfect balance, and super smooth for highest performance and efficiency Motor Windings – Superior insulation materials protect against extreme moisture and contaminants to ensure prolonged motor life Dustproof Cover – All electrical parts are protected from dirt, dust and insects by a dustproof canopy. Ventilating air can not contaminate important switching parts. This removes the common because of motor failure Balanced Rotor – Rotor is die cast under high pressures for uniform performance and greater efficiency, dynamically balanced Heavy-responsibility Ball Bearings – Shielded, permanently lubricated bearings are greatly tested to ensure expanded life and smooth calm operation Pump and Motor Shaft – One part threaded shaft for positive impeller drive and alignment. Shaft is stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance Specification Body – One-part rugged cast iron Pump and Motor Shaft – 416 stainless steel Impeller – Polycarbonate diffusor – Corrosion-tolerant cast iron Pressure Switch Pre-Set – 30-50 PSI Suction Ports – Drive-over-Suction.

Pentair Water 123357 – vs SWS-50-8.5FX

Master Plumber 1/2 HP cast iron shallow well jet pump is perfect for wells with depth to water of 25 feet or less. Will include a 30/50 pressure switch and heavy responsibility dual voltage motor predetermined to 230 volts. Maximum pumping capacities to 8. 2 GPM. Pump housing is constructed of heavy responsibility cast iron. 1-1/4″ suction port and 1″ discharge port. Perfect for smaller homes or cabins where the well’s depth-to-water is 25′ of less. Body Construction: Cast Iron hp: 1/2 HP Maximum Capacity: 8. 2 GPM Max Lift: 25′ Max Shut-Off Pressure: 77 PSI Pressure Switch Setting: 30/50 Suction Size: 1-1/4″ NPT Discharge Size: 1″ NPT Amp Draw (full Load): 9. 9 Amps On 115V / 4. 0 Amps On 230V Voltage: 230V / 115V Ac Motor type capacitor start Myer design.

PK1A PSIDE-KICK Constant Pressure Kit CYCLE STOP VALVE PK1A CSV1A Stainless Steel


Bison s Stainless Steel Emergency Manual Water Hand vs Wayne SWS50-8 5FX 1 2 pricing

Bison Pumps Stainless Steel Shallow Well Emergency Manual Water Hand Pump were used to offer water without the need for electricity. Shallow well hand water pumps suction lift water from a 25′ static water level. These pumps may be installed using the piping from your electric submersible. They can be installed on a well cover or cistern and removed for winter storage.

Goulds-J7S Single Nose Goulds- 3/4 vs SWS-50-8.5-FX

The J7S is exactly intended for homes cottages and booster services. Its design has an integral shallow well adapter built into the casing which removes the need for a separate shallow well adapter. This pump features a back pull-out design two compartment motor for easy access to wiring and is corrosion tolerant. Volts: 115/230, Amps: 14. 8/7. 4.

Franklin 95402050 4" Submersible 20GPM 1.5 230V 3W vs Wayne SWS50-8 5FX 1 2 review

Franklin 95402050 4″ Series V Thermoplastic Submersible Water Well Pump. 20 Gallons per Minute, 1-1/2 hp 230 volts 3 wire This submersible pump features distinctive hydraulics that improve efficiency and minimize wear when pumping abrasives. Discharge and motor brackets are available in thermoplastic or stainless steel with a removable check valve system. Available in 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 25 gpm, 1/2 – 5 hp. Features: 6 performance ranges: 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 & 25 gpm hp ranges: 1/2 €” 5 Discharge head and motor bracket made with business proven, engineered materials. Available in 300 series stainless steel or high quality thermoplastic resins. Big wrench flat area on the discharge head for easy installation Dry run intended top bearing positively supports the 300 series stainless steel 7/16€ hex shaft Removable interior check valve Powered by Franklin Electric€TMs proven 4″ submersible motor Maximum water temperature with correct flow is 120 F/49 C. Consult factory for details.

Tuhorse 2 Single Phase 4" Submersible Complete Set Incl motor, -end and control box, 300ft maxhead, rated 25GPM, 30GPM Max. 230V,

This complete submersible well pump set will include a 10 stage pump-end, a 2HP heavy responsibility oil cooled submersible motor, and a dual capacitor metal cased control box equipped with motor overload protectors. Flow at common depths: 26GPM at 180ft. 22GPM at 233ft. 17. 6GPM at 259ft. 13. 2GPM at 275ft. Connector terminal inside the control box accepts up to AWG #8 hard wire or #6 stranded wire. This pump runs on 230V, 60Hz, Single Phase Power, and the motor uses 3 wires + 1 ground wire. Net weight 40Lb. (18Kg); Net length: 38. 5″ (970mm). 1 year warranty. External check valve(not included) is needed in a water tight system but isn’t obliged free of charge flow applications.

Goulds-J5 Double Nose Goulds- vs Wayne SWS50-8 5FX 1 2 price

The J5 is exactly intended for homes farms cottages and booster services. Its convertible design can be used on shallow or deep well applications using proper fittings. This pump features a back pull-out design two compartment motor for easy access to wiring nozzle clean out plug in shallow well adapter and is corrosion tolerant. Volts: 115/230, Amps: 10. 8/5. 4.

HSH-Flo 12V DC Solar Submersibel water +15A controller Farm & Ranch 230FT+ Lift

The solution to your remote water pumping needs. This pump is rugged, lasting and built to last. This pump delivers a steady 94. 7GPH(360LPH) at its maximum depth of 100feet(30m) when supplied with12VDC. Its distinctive water-tight power connector stops water wicking and prevents possible condensation problems. Great for livestock water. Irrigation, pond ration, remote homes and cabins. N. W/G. W: 2. 9/3. 0kgs Warranty: 12 months Features: Long-life 12VDC operation For 4” wells or bigger fast disconnect with “Watertight-Gland” Design Pat Pend Corrosion-evidence housing with stainless-steel fasteners Runs dry without damage 50 mesh stainless steel inlet screen Stage of the art hard diaphragm Controller Function 1. Setting the pump working time: work 2. 5hours, resting 30 minutes. 2. If work with battery together, the rest time can charge the battery. 3. When the sunshine isn’t good or at night, the pump can work with the battery automatically. 4. If you use the pump without battery, you may be able to connect the solar panel wire to the battery button in 5. The controller directly, it also can work in 2. 5hours rest 30 minutes responsibility cycle. 6. Voltage Type:12/24VDC auto Identification 7. Rated current:15A 8. Maximum charging voltage :12V-30V,24V-55V 9. Operating temperature range:-35C to +55c 10. Humidity:10-90NC 11. Protection class :IP30 12. Dimensions:131x71x24mm 13. Terminal Wire:AWG 12-30 14. Terminal Wire:5Kgf. Cm/M3. 0 15. Protection Type:Overcharge,over discharge,electronic short circuit, 16. Overload protection and anti-reverse protection.

Best Choice Products 1 Deep Water Submersible Stainless Steel 200FT 33GPM w/Control Box vs Wayne SWS50-8 5FX 1 2 reviews

Best Choice merchandise is proud to present this brand new Deep Well Pump. This convenient pump may be used when you have to get rid of unwanted water. The stainless steel body frame will keep this pump tough and functioning for many years to come. It may be used to relinquish flooding water, for emptying wells or pools, or for pumping water out of your ship. The pump has a thermally protected motor with a 95F maximum work temperature to keep from overheating while in use. The 1HP motor makes it powerful enough to pump water that’s up to 200 feet in depth. The 3-wire design gives a control box for easy provision and energy efficiency. It may be used for water holes or wells that are as small as 4 in diameter. Use this water pump to get rid of any unwanted or inconvenient water with ease. We buy our merchandise directly from the maker, so you know you are to get the best prices available. NEW PRODUCT WITH FACTORY PACKAGING. Plans: Product Dimensions: 4(D) x 34(H); Control Box Dimensions: 6(L) x 5. 25(W) x 2. 75(H);Submersion Depth: Up to 49 feet; Max Flow: 33GPM;Voltage: 110V/60Hz;Power: 0. 75 KW/1HP;Maximum Lift: 200 feet;Maximum Temp. Capacity: 95F; Length of Power Cord: 98 feet;Product Weight: 37 lbs. NOTE: Our digital pictures are as correct as possible. But, different monitors may because colors to differ somewhat. Some of our things are handcrafted and/or hand finished. Color can differ and slight imperfections in the metal work are normal and considered evidence of the hand-finishing procedure, which adds character and authenticity to those things.

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Models to consider:
45GS50 1MC1D4D0233P-ENCL J05LTGT153B 25GS20432C
35GS50 RB-8010GS05422RC J5SHHSJ15N 25LS10
wm6 wm-6 45GS205GS20412CL 25GS15434CPS42MF 18GS20
65GS50 fd5ww20XC1-05P4-2W115 AM00372518GS15412C 25GS30
25GS10422C 506518SS7GS05R GT073BGT20S TH4DF06
10SB05422C 18HS10412C25GS15412CL JSC 07F16PGT203TEB SWS50-12P
35GS10 GT203BSKY1924 15LT2TH4A10 85GS100
55GS20412CL 17040C035PC2RL-SWJ75 EFSUB10-123JCC 10F16D TH4S16
X1000 JRS5FP410515H JRS765GS20 wm6 wm-6
JCCH 15C16D GT30B17040C035PC2 CH-20HWP-E-CK40 1MC1D4D0
JCC 07F16P M24V3T-20DP550C 5GS20412CLM10432 PS52MF
A-007-WP-70070 17052R020PC1X5121 GT103TEBRB-80 M50434
65GS20 SWS50-12PQP 10 GT10SEP0511F 65GS50
PS42MF 35GS100GT103B GT20RL-SWJ75 GT203TEB
FP410515H J100A345GS30 TH4S1225GS15434C GT153B
GT303TEB 18GS30434C25LS10 CB50412CRJHU10 TH3T20
TH4A10 M50412WS0512B 85GS3085GS100 45GS15
JRS7 2NFL152-20-P4J5SH TH4S16M30434 wm6 wm-6
JCC 07F16P M50434GT303TEB 25GS20432C10GS15412C M05421
RJS-75SS DP550C45GS20 GT20WP0100 M50412
45GS15 35GS75M50432 JSC 07F16PJHU10 TH4S16
18GS30 20XC1-05P4-2W115J100A3 WS1018BFGT071TEB 5GS20412CL
LPV-100-12 RL-SS100TPS52MF 65GS15GT203TEB 2NFL152-20-P4
JCC 10F16D 65GS20GT20S A-007-WP-7007018GS50432C HSJ15N
18GS15412C 17052R020PC1J5SH 18GS2025LS10 WS0512B
45GS100 X5121RJS-50 M1043265GS75 50SPM10


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