April 21, 2017

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  • PVM2070SMS, PVM2070SMSS
  • Genuine Replacement Part
  • PVM1870SM1SS, PVM1870SMSS
  • PVM2070DMWW, PVM2070SM1SS
  • Works with models: JES1139BL01,JES1139WL01
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

GE WB27X10910 High Voltage Transformer for Microwave. Works with models: JES1139BL01,JES1139WL01, PVM1870SM1SS, PVM1870SMSS, PVM2070DMWW, PVM2070SM1SS, PVM2070SMS, PVM2070SMSS. Real substitute Part.

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1000W ZVS Low volta induction heating board module/Tesla coil 20A free shipping vs WB27-X10910

Type : Induction Cooker Parts WB27X10910 Features:1. 12-48V low voltage power supply2. Rated current:20A3. Rated power:1000W, the bigger voltage, the higher power. 4. We tested when it works 53V power supply, current can reach 30A. It may be used for DIY players to make small parts quenching, annealing and other heat treatment, heating fast, convenient. 5. 24V input and no load current is about 3A6. 48V input and no load current is about 6A7. The higher voltage, the higher current when heating the same things, the effect is better, however simultaneously heating is higher, so the choice of input voltage is depending on your need. Like heating under 1cm square small objects, use the 24 v voltage. 8. Customer need self-provided power and water cooling device9. When made with switch power supply, due to high power usually has function of soft start, namely just powered on the output voltage is gradually increasing, while if before the voltage up to 12v connected induction heating circuit, won’t work and burn MOS tube. So voltage reaches more than 12 v connected induction heating circuit. 10. The volume of heated objects can not be more than 1/10 of the heating coil interior volume (that’s, the heating cylinder diameter more than 1/3 heating coil diameter), otherwise it may because of overload and burned circuit or the power supply. Though this circuit can tolerate 30A input current, however the insurance to work not more than 20A. 11. This circuit can do induction heating, or replace copper tube with high frequency transformer, it’ll be a powerful inverter Package included :ZVS Low voltage induction heating board 1.


Produced from the finest northeastern hardwood and styled for functionality. This cart features a hutch for convenient microwave or samll appliance storage. Keep your kitchen organized and at your fingertips with this beautiful and working cart. This butcher block work cart will become the most useful tool in your kitchen. Beautifully crafted with the finest northeastern hardwood and engineered for convenience. You will totally love the storage potential in this stunning part of furniture. Produced to last for generations. Oiled Finish Drawer, Open counter and Cabinet Storage. Made in the USA. Place Microwaves on Cart or Hutch Top. Prepared to Assemble hard Wood Doors, Drawer, Table Top, Braces, Legs and Hutch Warp-tolerant Hardwood Veneer Side Panels, Back Panel and Interior counter. Crafted From Sustainably Harvested Domestic Hardwood.

BPA-free Silicone Popcorn Maker -Healthy and Simple Popcorn Popper-1.5 Quart, by Savvy Gourmet Home and Kitchen

Make Healthy Popcorn in minutes. Food grade Silicone popcorn popper carefully and evenly distributes heat to pop kernels quickly. Can withstand temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. Enjoy popcorn without added calories, chemicals or preservatives. Cook kernels with or without added fat (oil, butter). Add salt and seasoning to wanted taste. Easily cleans with soap and water and is dishwasher safe. Great for storing leftover popcorn and container is easily collapsible for storage or travel. Use popcorn maker to add a healthy snack to your daily routine.

25 Free shipping simulation PU tulip flower tulip flower corsa feel fake silk flower wholesale flower table vs WB-27X-10910

Type : Vegetable Washer PartsApplicable scene : Floral displayColor category : White pink purple red orange yellowStyle : CountrysideFlowers and plants species : OrchidArtificial flower type : Silk flowerCombination : Single / beam Dual 11 big you pick any of your exclusive. Note: The lowest price isn’t negotiable doesn’t make money earned popularity flower trade simulation quality awesome rest guaranteed buy doesn’t accept any difference in evaluation see the color thanks shoot. plans: The total length of 30 cm flower flower head height of 4. 5 centimetersMaterial: PU feel super simulation flowerRecommended with vases of about 15-35cm. (20 -40 twig vase mouth as indicated by size)Baby price for a single price free of other flowers The figure is 8 yellow 8 orange 9 white effectThe figure is five pink 5 yellow 5 Orange 5 white effect The figure for the five red five yellow 5 Orange 5 purple effect.

G.E. Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 12 1/2 " WB39X10003

This tray ONLY fits model numbers listed here. If you’re unsure about compatibility email us with your model number BEFORE ORDERING. Measures roughly 12 1/2 inches in in general diameter. Outside diameter of turntable track is 10 1/4 inches. This microwave tray replaces G. E. Part #'s WB39X10003 WB39X10002 EMO2000C01BB, EMO2000C01CC, EMO2000C01WW EMO2000C02BB, EMO2000C02CC, EMO2000C02WW JES1238WH001, JES1238WH002, JES1238WH03 JES1246BH001, JES1246BH002, JES1246BH03 JES1246WH001, JES1246WH002, JES1246WH03 JES831WB002, JES831WB01 JVM1410BC001, JVM1410BC002, JVM1410WC001 JVM1410WC002, JVM1420BB01, JVM1420BB02 JVM1420WB01, JVM1420WB02, JVM1421BC002 JVM1421BC01, JVM1421WC002, JVM1421WC01 JVM1430BD001, JVM1430BD002, JVM1430WD001 JVM1430WD002, JVM1440AA01, JVM1440BA01 JVM1440BD001, JVM1440BD002, JVM1440BD002 JVM1440WA01, JVM1440WD001, JVM1440WD002 JVM1441BD001, JVM1441BD002, JVM1441WD001 JVM1441WD002, JVM1441WD003, JVM1442BA01 JVM1442BA001, JVM1450AA01, JVM1450BA01 JVM1450BC001, JVM1450BC002, JVM1450WA01 JVM1450WC001, JVM1450WC002, JVM1451AA01 JVM1451BA01, JVM1451WA01, JVM1460AA01 JVM1460BA01, JVM1460SA01, JVM1460WA01, JVM1460WA001 JVM1540DN1BB, JVM1540DN1CC, JVM1540DN1WW JVM1540DN2BB, JVM1540DN2CC, JVM1540DN2WW JVM1540SN1SS, JVM1540SN2SS LVM1420BA01, LVM1420BA02, LVM1420BA03 LVM1420WA01, LVM1420WA02, LVM1420WA03 RVM1425BA004, RVM1425BA01, RVM1425BA02 RVM1425BA03, RVM1425WA004, RVM1425WA01 RVM1425WA02, RVM1425WA03, RVM1435BD001 RVM1435BD002, RVM1435BD002, RVM1435BH001 RVM1435BH001, RVM1435WD001, RVM1435WD002 RVM1435WD002, RVM1435WD002, RVM1435WH001, RVM1435WH001.

Whirlpool Part Number JEA7000ADS: MODULE vs GE WB27X10910 High pricing


Home-X Micro Mate. Multifunction Accessory. Functions asTray with Handles, Spatter Cover and Plate Stacker vs WB-27-X-10910

A versatile microwave accessory youll use every day. This smart helper offers many uses, instantly converting from a tray with handles to a space-saving plate stacker to a spatterproof cover. As a tray, it holds plates, soup bowls, cups and more and it has handles for easy lifting. Your hands never touch hot cookware. Invert it and you have a stand that allows you to heat two things now. Or fold down the handles and its a cover that replaces plastic wrap. Made from polypropylene in bright blue. About 9″ in diameter with 3″ handles. Dishwasher safe. BPA free.

WB27K10354 Oven TO9 Gas Control Panel vs GE WB27X10910 High review

The General Electric WB27K10354 Oven TO9 Gas Control Panel vs GE WB27X10910 High review is a real OEM substitute part and is well-matched with the following models: EGR2000EM1WW, JGBP28BEL2WH. Fits models: GBP28BEL2CT, JGBP28WEJ1WW. Substitute part for: WB27K10219, WB27K10090, 1810619, AH3486626, EA3486626. Substitute part for: PS3486626, WB27K10209. GE is building the world by capital, specialty and infrastructure for a world economy. GE Capital has provided billions in financing so businesses can build and grow their functionings and buyers can build their financial futures.

6 -in-1 remote control quality mini laser light voice and dynamic sta lighting light bar ktv laser flash

Type : Range Parts Intelligent RemoteRedGreenMulti- patternStage Laser Light renderings Product Name : Mini intelligent remote control design stage laser light more than red and greenPower: AC adapter input AC110V 240/50 60Hz, output DC12V / 0. 5ASource: semiconductor laser ( green wave 532nm, optical power 50mW ( light and black may be adjusted ) ; red wave 650nm, optical power 100mw)Demo mode 🙁 Laser light through the front panel MODE button operation enables five different mode switching )LED lights green for voice mode, LED light is red for self-propelled mode1. Auto mode: power itself shows that2. Voice mode: switch voice mode reaches some decibel sound began with the sound of the beat of presentation. ( Above mode switching may be remote or manual operation )Cooling system : Fan intelligent temperature control systemDimensions : 105 85 45mmWeight : 0. 3kgStandard configuration: a laser light ; an AC adapter ; a remote control ; a manual ; boxed set of fitted shockFor the environment : the stage show, DJ, ballroom, KTV, bar, party Party, wedding, home decoration, leisure clubs, nightclubs, shopping malls, shops decoration, playgrounds, holiday events and a range of other special instances. The real effect: light projection area differs with distance, the greater the distance the greater the area, obviously observable black field effect inside a distance of 100 meters. Extra lighting may influence the results of laser light. The effect of generating: open automatically when plugged in the evolution of a multi- mode red and green laser patterns, dreamy motion ( speed switching speed ), switch voice mode ( with the size of the music beat control ) show a more dynamic, creating a more three-dimensional feel. If we can add smoke, visi.

Tortilla Warmer 10- Insulated, able Fabric Pouch by Camerons Products- Keeps Tortillas Heated up to One Hour (Sun Design) vs GE WB27X10910 High price

Heat up and serve your tortillas with this 10 Tortilla Warmer by Cameron’s merchandise; youll love this useful, insulated microwaveable pouch. This tortilla warmer features an insulated pocket, that assists heat your tortillas and keep them warm for up to an hour. Simply load the tortillas into the warmer, then place the unit in the microwave for roughly 45 seconds, which heats the tortillas to perfection. The perforated food safe PVC barrier inside the pouch lets the moisture to escape gradually, preventing the issue of sweating inside. This tortilla warmer yields warm, moist and yummy tortillas. Also, the polyester/cotton outside features our lovely sun-face design to brighten up your meal.

501D subwoofer amplifier board 12V 5 inch 6 inch car card cannon core USB / TF MP3 decoder board

Type : Blender PartsBrand : LianshengItem : 501DGood News : 2014 New merchandise 16 yuan to advertise the whole network lowest price, refused to bargain Baby Features:1, Using the new digital amplifier technology import and crack the current problems serious fever amplifier board, while the sound quality and power beyond the currentTDA2003AndTDA2005. Achieved : power, good sound quality, no heat user expectations 2, The panel comes4Keys, in comparison to the previous2Or3Even if the keys of the remote control can’t work properly ;3ForSDKcal will exit the market with a special designTFSince playing deck, so you may be able to use the phone with a directTFCards ;4, To replace the old plastic surface shell of the Iron Mask shell to crack a long iron panel will rust problems ; Baby show ( in-kind shooting, color displays and cameras factors caused by somewhat different ) : Baby Size :1Baby weight: about 60 g2Installation hole: Wide65 High40mm3The in general dimensions : Width85 High58 Deep 33mm4Installation pitch : High49 Wide75mm Panel Description :1,USB:UJack plate 2,TF:TFCard slot 3,IR: Remote Receiver4,AUX: External audio interface 5,REM: Remote extension cable interface 6, Red : Power LED7,FUNC: Mode key 8,VOL +: Long press the volume increase, a short press 9,VOL-: Long press volume down, short press on a10, Click pause, then press Play 11,ONPower on,OFFPower off 12,DC IN: DC current interfacePower Connection:1From the panelDC INAccess DC12V 3AThe aforementioned power supply ( available12VPower adapter or12VWhat motorcycle or car battery ). Speaker Connection:1Bass Connection: amplifier board behind the red part of red and black speaker cable speaker wire to positive and black wire to the negative speaker wire (suggested by a4-6. 5Inch70Magnetic or4Europe15-30WHorn ) ;2Treble Connection: positive and.

12# ( OD:60mm) quality Stainless steel meat grinder accessory, Meat grinder plate vs GE WB27X10910 High reviews

Type : Meat Grinder PartsBrand Name : AlwaytecModel Number : #12Size : OD:60mmthickness : 6mmMaterial : stainless steel SUS420Surface finish : PolishedHardness : Forging HRC55-58Install hole : 12H12application : Meat grinder12# ( OD:60mm) High quality Stainless steel meat grinder accessory, Meat grinder plate Meat Grinder plate and knife 1 set as well as Exchangeable 3 Cutting plates + 1 KnifeFree shipping. Promotion. Product Description Exchangeable 3 Cutting plates + 1 Knife as drawing: Plate 1: Plate 2: Plate 3: Knife: Application: Meat grinder,Sausage packing machine,Meat mixer,Meat slicer,Meat cutting,Bone sawing machine etc. Examples: Packaging & Shipping Packing: 1pcs per PP bag, 1 set by CTNS. Delivery time: inside 2days after acknowledgement. Payment if any question, welcome to contact with us by trademanager or advice your email address, we’ll contact with you inside 12hours.

Models to consider:
WB27T10282 WB44K10005HWD5751UC AM6015413708-G1 CDNS14BK20
W10171750 A WB36K50626871W1A459C WB39X10003WB27X10872 RK51K30
WB19K13 WB26X10042WB20K10013 WB27X108311B71961F WB20K8
F06014T00AP WB56X10822SS-990765 50360-KJX1530DMBB WB27X11078
SS-992273 WB07X11250WB49X10074 WB06X10823EBR33477201 NN-TK621SS
WH43X10032 HWD5051UCW10212682 PM110019MWTK27KF Z721703000
ADC49436905 WB27T10380922159-A WB21T10014W10312205 R0274
WB27X10866 M017121WB06X10304 WB15X338WB44X10012 JX2027DMBB
M013431K M1558XFFMV162LWA W10247772WB27T10500 WB36X10071
EAY62609801 TEM-AP461126WB27X10866 F06014T00APS3018W WB30M2
WB06X10304 WB21T10014WB56X10824 SH810WB27X10682 RAS-SM7MGV-04
MWTK27KF WB27T10283WB27X10901 WB27T10380HWD5751UC WB27T10210
MWTKP27KF WB27X10873WB56X10822 DG61-00563AAM6015 M1558X
WB27X10971 6324W1A001H6871W1A459C WB15X338WB27T10297 922159-A
Z721703000 WB27K10123WB56T10145 6WH0005PErb44t10010 WB27X10872
N135805 WB07X10530JX7227DFBB WB27X11078WH43X10032 WBLJ-S1
WB44K10005 WB57T10160CEB1590SS1SS WB06X10823SS-990765 WB50T10057
WB15X321 M017121W10245183 WB49X10052WB27T10500 SS-992273
WB15X338 WB56X10822a12041300ux0230 WB44X10012F06014T00AP 383EW1A132C
TEM-AP461126 1B71961FWB27T10380 M013431KWB27K10145R WB07X11250
SH810 ADC49436904PM110019 50360-KWB27T10210 W10312205
W10252087 DG61-00563AMWTKP27KF CK1757998W10212682 922160-A
WB07X10530 WB56X10826WB20K8 WB06X10304N135805 922159-A
WB27T10283 CDNS14BK20WB30M2 WB2X3138WB27X11078 WB27X10866
WB27T10919 HWD5751UCSS-992273 FFMV162LWAWB27T10500 EBR33477201
W10217711 W10258189WH43X10032 WB19K13WB27X10873 WB20K10013
WB44K10005 WH12X10176324W1A001H R0274TV205433 WB49X10052


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