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In 2016, you may be forgiven for thinking that a brand must be everywhere now. After all, expectations around buyer service now defy the laws of physics. Miss a customers moment of need, and you may not get another chance.
Thats why youve most likely sat through many brainstorms around your or your clients omnichannel approach debating how will we use insert new hot new ephemeral geo fenced live streaming video social platform?
In the coming twelve months, average brands will keep pursuing that approach. But these discussions are like having an Internet of Things strategy. They concentrate on the how rather than the why. They concentrate on technology possibilities, rather than putting customers needs and wants 1st.
Find the right design to suit your decor scheme CERAMIC Available in a big range of colours, styles and finishes. it is cheap, easy to cut and waterproof, making it ideal for bathrooms. GLASS Rich and deep in colour, glass is an easy to clean surface that comes in a range of sizes. Keep cutting to a minimum as edges remain sharp. PATCHWORK A box of tiles with a mix of designs that create a pattern. it is perfect for adding personality to a plain scheme. NATURAL STONE Not every tile will be the same shade, but stone works in all schemes. Be aware that many require sealing to make them water tolerant. MARBLE This looks glam and opulent in a bathroom, but it is also costly, hard to cut, and needs sealing and polishing, so it is not easy for beginners. FAUX TIMBER Get the look of natural wood with the hard wearing water resistant properties of a faux design. MOSAIC it is breathtakingly beautiful but may be costly, so use as a feature or a border and surround it with bigger tiles. BRICKS Use either thin, real bricks that are fitted individually, or bigger tiles with some number of faux bricks on each part for a fast fit. Selecting the correct merchandise is essential for a successful installation, and as there are so many available, it may be quite confusing. Adhesives and grout are both available ready mixed or in powder form. Ready mixed is applied easily straight from the tub and makes less mess, but it is costly than powder alternatives, which have to be mixed at home with water. make sure to read the back of any packaging carefully so you make the right choice. for example, large format tiles are quite heavy so they will require an sticky that will hold without slipping, and wet regions demand waterproof merchandise. Top pages with new reviews:
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