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  • 3 channels of suction that remove dirt with less scatter.
  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology, 12 cyclones separate particles of dirt before reaching the filter with less frequent filter rinsing.
  • On-Board Tools: Dusting Brush, 24″ Telescoping Extension Wand, Pet Turbo Tool, Pet Static Tool
  • Clean more areas of their homes without re-plugging thanks to the 28-foot automatic cord rewind.
  • Folding Handle, for easy, convenient storage in small spaces.
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Hoover WindTunnel MAX Pet Plus Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Upright, UH70605.

Recent reviews of Hoover WindTunnel MAX Pet Plus Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Upright, UH70605:

Go, Hoover, go. I am somewhat of a vacuum expert, considering how many I have owned. My Dyson DC25 Animal Ball Vacuum has generally been my favorite and I never thought a vacuum could come close to that one. I recently reviewed a last WindTunnel vacuum (WindTunnel 2 Pet Plus) and said, in essence, that it was no Dyson, however it was a really good vacuum. Then I pointed out the things that I felt Dyson did better. Well. It is as if they read my review and decided to take it as a challenge. I am floored by how great this vacuum is. If you are debating if to use up the extra money on a Dyson or go for this one, I’d say the gap was considerably closed. So let us go over some of the enhancements and pros and cons:CORDThis vacuum has a long, retractable cord. It is awesome. ALL vacuums should have long, retractable cords. My Dyson and the WindTunnel 2 don’t have retractable cords. To get INTO TIGHT SPACESThis vacuum has a better head than its predecessor. The older variant had a taller head that made it impossible to get into smallish spaces (under cupboards and couches, for example). This one has a lower lead-in that lets you to get it into tighter spots. Dyson still wins in this group, although – their head gets into tighter spaces still. DIRT CUPBig canister. Better than Dyson’s. You do not have to dump it as frequently. Love it. MANEUVERABILITYThe only big-ish disadvantage to this vacuum, I believe, is that it is weighty to push around. Not awful, however it is not as most of a breeze as the Dyson Animal, which turns at any angle you want and is lightweight to push. ATTACHMENTSExcellent. Good placement, they stay put, and they work well.

The Hoover WindTunnel MAX is a good vacuum, just a little too heavy for me. The size may be both a pro, and a con. The bigger size means it can clean a wider path, and it means not having to empty the dust bin frequently. On the other hand, it’s heavier and harder to store. Hoover addressed the storage issue with a foldable handle – useful. As indicated by the description, it’s only 18. 4 pounds, however it feels heavier than that to me. It’s harder to push than I projected, possibly due to strong suction. I am not strong, and I have some shoulder and neck issues, and this vacuum causes more shoulder and neck ache than other vacuums I have used. It does not matter what floor setting I put it on, it’s still hard to push on both hard floors and my area rugs. Majority of people most likely would not have as most of an issue as I do. It’s powerful, it picked up stuff that my other vacuums left behind. I only had to empty the dust bin twice while cleaning my complete house (the second time was after I’d finished vacuuming, and there was still lots of room in the bin at that point, I just did not want to store it with dust and dirt in there). This vacuum looks louder than others, however it is hard to tell for sure. Possibly the louder sound is caused by the greater suction power. It has a washable filter, plus a carbon filter to prevent bad smells. This vacuum was intended with pets in mind, so something to prevent odor is most likely a smart idea. It comes with 2 different attachments geared towards picking up pet hair, also. Both seem useful, however I have been using the crevice tool more than any other – it’s strong enough to pull the dust clumps out from under furniture without having to put it all the way under.

I bought a Hoover WindTunnel T-Series (UH70120) some years ago depending on a buyer Reports review and wasn’t happy with it at all. Cheap plastic with inconvenient setup had me replacing it after only some months. The only thing I liked about it was the retractable cord. Now, this is the second Hoover I have owned and being twice the price of my last one, I was expecting lots more out of it. 1st, the good: The suction is great. I can go over anything, as well as wood shavings that get stuck in my carpet, and it picks it up without a problem. Remaining vacuuming and that is the most important part of a vacuum to me. I also love the power cord. Retractable and LONG. Now the bad: this vacuum has lots of the problems that my last Hoover had. 1st and primary, the wand. My wife and I HATED using our last Hoover because when we’re vacuuming and come to a corner or area we can not reach, we like to pop out the wand real fast and be able to replace it FAST and move on. This vacuum, like our last Hoover, requires you to bend down, detach the hose from the base, remove the wand from the side and connect it to the hose. then add an attachment and vacuum that spot. This is way too inconvenient. Many other vacuums, like our current household vacuum, an LG, has a wand that snaps out and back in quickly, without assembly. My other complaints also are shared with our last Hoover. Cheap plastic and a poor way to empty the dust bin. When we empty the dust bin, we have to bring it outside because there is generally a big cloud of dust the billows from the end. There is no way around it. Our LG packs the dust at the bottom of the bin, so there is no where near the mess when emptying. In general, the higher price tag yields us with a powerful vacuum, however the same problems of our last Hoover. It is a GREAT vacuum. Up till you have to use the wand or empty it.

Compare with similar products:

BISSELL 58F83 Rewind SmartClean, Blue

BISSELL Rewind SmartClean: The Bissell UH70605 Rewind SmartClean’s distinctive SmartClean System was produced with you in mind. The Clean Carpet Sensor helps to detect the regions in your carpet that need some extra attention; the red light will stay on for you till the area is clean and you will know you are finished when the green light stays on. Also, the Clean Filter display takes the guess work out of when to clean or change your filters. When you are done with your vacuuming, just press the auto cord rewind button and stow it away – no more taking the time to rewind it yourself. It is no wonder that this is the smart choice in cleaning. BISSELL Upright Vacuum Comparison   CleanView Helix, 82H1.

Tornado Ck 14/1 Pro 14 Inch Commercial Upright Vacuum with Hepa Filtration

The all new CK 14/1 Pro adds price, performance, and proven durability to Tornado’s already remarkable lineup of business leading commercial upright carpet vacuums. Combining affordability, superior airflow, the benefits of an enclosed bag system, on-board tools, and true HEPA filtration for healthier indoor air quality, the CK 14/1 Pro is a great mix of value and performance. LEED qualifying at less than 70dBa, and the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval, Silver Level, the CK 14/1 Pro features a 14 inch cleaning path.

Dc33 Multi-floor Dyson Vacuum Upright Cleaner (Complete Set) w/ Gift: Premium Microfiber Cleaner

DC33 Multi Floor is a lightweight and powerful bagless upright vacuum for each floor type, as well as carpet, tile, vinyl and wood. With Root Cyclone technology it does not lose suction power as you clean. There aren’t bags to replace and the lifetime filter is washable, so there aren’t extra costs. The Telescope Reach wand extends to 14. 4 ft for cleaning stairs and other high reach places. Root Cyclone Technology for No Loss of Suction common vacuum cleaners rely on bags to trap dust and dirt. Features: Root Cyclone Technology: Dyson cyclones catch microscopic particles down to 0. 5 microns in size, with no loss of suction. Washable HEPA Filter: Captures allergens, expels cleaner air. Traps microscopic particles down to 1/5,000 of a pinhead. Particles this small include common household allergens like pollen, mold spores and dust mites. Telescope Reach Wand: Extends 14. 4ft with no uncomfortable parts to assemble. The wand assembly was re-intended to be lightweight and give an extra 4″ of reach – making high reach cleaning easier. Clear Bin and Hygienic Emptying: The bin on a Dyson vacuum cleaner is transparent so you may be able to see when it needs emptying – and just how much dust, dirt and pet hair your new Dyson machine has picked up. Click-Fit Wand: Accessories may be fitted and removed with a click. On-Board Accessory Tools: A mix accessory tool and stair tool are included. They store on the machine so they’re generally to hand. Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly: DC33 Multi Floor is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Tough, lasting Construction: Made from tough polycarbonate, to withstand bumps and bashes. Comes with 5-Year Warranty.

Eureka Sanitaire Model SC888 Quick Kleen Fan Chamber Vacuum Cleaner with Micron Filter, Chrome Steel Ball-Bearing Brush Roll, 7 amperes Commercial-Gra vs UH-70605

Eureka Sanitaire Model SC888 fast Kleen Fan Chamber Vacuum Cleaner with Micron Filter, Chrome Steel Ball-Bearing Brush Roll, 7 amperes Commercial-Grade Motor, 12 inch large Cleaning Path – 1 each. Sanitaire Model SC888 fast Kleen Fan Chamber Vacuum with Vibra-Groomer I Chrome Steel Brush Roll entirely intended for commercial cleaning applications UL accepted for commercial use Meets OSHA acceptability standards Manufacturers one-year parts/labor warranty for commercial use Micron Filter system keeps up to 99 of pollens and dust. Six-position carpet height modification, vinyl bumper, big easy-roll rear wheels. Heavy-responsibility, high-filtration outer cloth bag with dedicated paper bag system. 12 large cleaning path. Chrome steel motor hood, headlight. Removable, clear fan chamber allows you to check at a glance if unit needs service. Fan may be changed in minutes and fan chamber may be cleaned on-site. 7. 0 amp commercial-grade motor. 50-ft. three-wire grounded cord. One disposable bag, EUR 52320B-6, included. Chrome steel ball-bearing brush roll, with replaceable bristle strips.

Bissell Multi Cyclonic Automatic Cord Rewind Turbo Brush Roll Corded Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Air Freshener

Get smart, simple and intuitive cleaning with the Bissell Multi Cyclonic auto Cord Rewind Turbo Brush Roll Corded Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Air Freshener. The lightweight machine features a Triple Action Brush Roll. It’s intended with long, silk-like bristles to softly remove good debris from hard floors. It also has short bristles that work together on carpet to lift and remove implanted dirt and hair. The bottom Easy Empty dirt tank makes it easy to clean the lightweight vacuum out and the multi-level filtration helps to decrease allergens. It gets the job done, so you may be able to get on with your day. The auto cord rewind also makes things easier. With a 25′ cord, the Bissell bagless vacuum allows you to move from room to room with ease. Change the way you clean by using this quality product. It’s built to hold up against regular use. The vacuum has a TurboBrush Tool so you may be able to tackle stairs, furniture, upholstery and more. Give your home a deep clean with this product.

Eureka AS3101A High Efficiency Suction Seal, Rewind Upright Vacuum Cleaner with 12 Inches Deluxe Stretch Hose

SuctionSeal Technology with All-Surface Suction Plates concentrates airflow for deep cleaning suction power. As you move across carpet, hardwood or tile floors the plates increase and lower, creating a seal to maximize airflow for powerful cleaning performance. The Eureka SuctionSeal Bagless Upright Vacuum AS3101A brushroll turns on to deep clean carpets and off for scatterproof bare floor cleaning. With AirSpeed Technology, unlike most other vacuums, SuctionSeal 2. 0 Rewind is engineered with an economical air path with restricted bends and turns. This lets more air to pass through the vacuum. The direct air path from floor to cup decreases the distance for dirt to travel, which increases the amount of airflow for powerful suction. Tested to rigorous business standards, Eureka’s multicyclonic dust cup system never loses suction and maintains power as you vacuum your home.

Bissell Powerglide 1305 Vacuum Filter with Hair Turboeraser Tool (Complete Set) w/ Bonus: Premium Microfiber Cleaner Bundle

BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Vacuum With SuctionChannel Technology 1305 Some vacuums use suction only on one side of the base, which can leave dirt behind. Exclusive BISSELL SuctionChannel Technology creates a direct suction path, allowing the vacuum to pick up more, edge-to-edge. The lightweight design and swivel steering make it simple to maneuver and the brush roll on/off switch takes cleaning from carpet to hard floors simply. Power through pet hair with the Pet TurboEraser tool and tackle stairs with the expanded reach hose. They are the features you need for a clean you love. Tested per IEC 60312-1 with many dust loadings, results inside accepted tolerance of 5. Functions: Pet TurboEraser Tool: Lift tracked-in dirt and pet hair from stairs and upholstery with powerful, rotating, paddle-like bristles that are intended to attract pet hair. Brush Roll On/Off Switch: Turn brush roll off to easily move from carpets to hard floors with scatter-free suction. Multi-Level Filtration: Help to decrease the allergens in your home with multi-level filtration. Features: SuctionChannel Technology Get improved cleaning with a direct suction path. While some vacuums only use suction on one side of the base, SuctionChannel Technology creates edge-to-edge suction across the whole base. No Loss of Suction catch implanted dirt and pet hair with 9X multi-cyclonic suction that stays strong. Lightweight and Maneuverable Easily clean around furniture with a 16. 3 lb. Vacuum featuring swivel steering. Pet TurboEraser Tool Lift tracked-in dirt and pet hair from stairs and upholstery with powerful, rotating, paddle-like bristles that are intended to attract pet hair. With bonus: 1x premium microfiber cleaner bundle.

Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Upright Vacuum with Extension Wand & Crevice Tool

The Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Bagless Upright Vacuum with Extension Wand & Crevice Tool gives maximum suction power. Tested to rigorous business standards, Eureka’s multicyclonic dust cup system never loses suction and maintains power as you vacuum your home. Unlike most other vacuums, the AirSpeed All Floors is engineered with an economical air path with restricted bends and turns. This lets more air to pass through the vacuum. The direct air path from floor to cup decreases the distance for dirt to travel, which increases the amount of airflow for powerful suction.

Dirt Devil Breeze Upright Vacuum, M088160RED

This lightweight upright comes with Microfresh™ filtration to help trap dirt and dust in your home. Bagless technology means you’ll never have to purchase a bag again A long 25 foot power cord extends your use in big rooms without having to switch the plug. Don’t worry you’re able to move freely during your home with auto height change, which changes based on floor types. Cleaning carpets or hard floors is a Breeze with this Dirt Devil upright vacuum. The Breeze Bagless has a clear dirt cup so you may be able to see the dirt and dust collection. With bagless technology simply dispose of the dirt and start cleaning again. This offers added convenience for those people on the go. The powerful 12 AMP motor picks up just about everything and headlight allows you to see in those black corners so dirt has nowhere to hide. A 13 inch cleaning path lets you to move in between furniture legs so you don’t have to annoyance with moving all your stuff. A Scuff Guard bumper will assist protect your beloved chairs, end tables, and baseboards. The lightweight design lets you to maneuver around objects and up stairs. For an apartment dweller or home owner the cleaning reasons are endless. The sleek versatility offers cleaning on many surfaces and above floor. An extension wand, crevice tool, and dusting brush aide in above floor cleaning and reach those tough places you must stretch to. The Dirt Devil Breeze Bagless is a great addition to any home with many floor types and cleaning needs.

Makita XLC02ZW 18V Compact Vacuum (Bare Tool, Tool Only)

The XLC02ZW combines the convenience of cordless with the superior power-to-weight percentage of Makita’s 18V Compact Lithium-Ion battery (sold individually). This compact still powerful cordless vacuum has strong suction power for fast and economical cleaning, for use with or without the floor nozzle extension. At just 18-3/4″ in length, the compact and lightweight design gives extra comfort with reduced operator exhaustion, and the angled design gives strong suction for fast and economical cleaning. The floor extension and redesigned swivel floor nozzle attaches easily, and will include a crevice nozzle for improved cleaning in tight spaces. The XLC02ZW delivers up to 10 minutes of uninterrupted use from a single completely-charged 18V Compact Lithium-Ion battery, sold individually. The improved filter has two locking tabs on each side to remain in place, and the bagless 2-stage cloth filtration system lets for easier cleaning and quicker debris disposal. The XLC02ZW weighs just 2. 7 lbs. (with battery, sold individually), with a soft ergonomic grip handle that gives increased comfort on the job. For expanded run time, the XLC02ZW may also be powered by a Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery (sold individually). This versatile cordless vacuum is engineered for nearly any dry clean-up application, and is ideal for service, finish installation, maintenance, and janitorial trades.

Commercial Upright Vacuum, 15In, 9A, 120V

Item: Upright Vacuum, Amps: 10, Cleaning Path: 15″, Filter Type: HEPA, Vacuum Filter: Cartridge, Vacuum Bag Type: Bagless, Power Cord Length: 40 ft. Voltage: 120, Net Weight: 18 lb. Sound Level dBA: 69 dBA, Air Flow: 135 cfm, Height modification: Manual 7-Position, Light: No, Plug: 2-Wire Triple Insulated, Hood Height: 7″, Handle: Ergonomic, Warranty: 2 Year, will include: Furniture Guard, Crevice Wand, Extension Wand and Dusting Brush, Standards: UL, OSHA, CRI.

Oreck XL Classic Upright Vacuum Cleaner Lightest Weight 8 LBS (U2200HHS)

Double-helix roller brushes whirl at roughly 6500 RPM Weighs about 8 lbs Helping hand handle for comfort Color: Gray And white Sani-Seal System automatically seals the vacuum bag shut as it’s removed for easy disposal Edge Brushes 25′ Power cord On/Off switch in base of machine Cord Guard Edge Brushes 25′ Power cord On/Off switch in base of machine Cord Guard.

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Models to consider:
CP-5 CPU-2SC888K HV321UH70930 30C7T
UH70805 C-CR49PA03 NV500U5178-900 S32-4803-01
1650A SC1000NV480 U7240ECS30 PRO HV381
ASM1116A V33186VC-F700G FG9VMH120000U4180HHPDTARG 439AZ
FH40160RM Sentria 2NV680REF-GRN DC41 Animal New1785W V2945Z
DC40 EUK688FG9T50L2YEL Felix 4 #9824AmCPU-1 BVCBF108
XL 7060 4870DTC1633 SFC700-HHM084650RED GIDDS-883502
UH72450 DC25EC-CT12-C S194AMZ: P620B MC-UL810
9808AM BH50111XL U2000H C1810-020FH40010B UH70831PC
UH30010COM UD30010S647E U-80uv440 NV356E
MCUG693 SC889AS3104A DC25UH30010RM SC6054
FG9T50L2YEL NV680REF-GRNV33231 VC-F700GBH50111 UH71215
CR5158Z UH70831PCSC888K MV3010C-CR49 1650A
SFC700-HH Sentria 2M088160RED ZZ550EUK688 CV30
4870DT 439AZSC688 208607-09ULCP-CPU2T CP-5
SC1000 C1633V2945Z U2000RB2L-1SC9150A BVCBF108
FK40110PC 9679AMHv320 DC40NV360REF-BLUE DC65 Animal
EC-CT12-C EF433SMC-GG213 CH53005Everlast RY8300 EUKSC412A
PF70VC VM18-001650A DC25XL U2000H SC6054
UD70250B C1810020UH30310 Dc50SC5845A CP-5
CH53005 UD70230CPU-2 41HAE031USA9806AM Felix 4 #9824Am
UH72511PC 90641AMNV356E 30C7TASM1106A 9958am
FK40110PC NV480GIDDS-883502 FBP-14PWTACM500 AS3104A
SC888K SC5845B9595A AS2000AUH70120 AMZ: P620B
DC41 Animal New UH70930DC25 UH72450U5509900 Sentria 2
S3865 SC888KS647E VC-F700GU4300H2BS CP-CPU2T
SC1000 V33186AS3451A C-CR4930 PRO SC679J


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