April 21, 2017

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  • 15 inch Nozzle Width lets you clean more carpet in one pass so you can quickly cover large areas
  • Three Channels of Windtunnel MAX Technology lift and remove even the hidden dirt from the carpet
  • Windtunnel MAX Stretch Hose extends above the floor cleaning reach for stairs, window sills, curtains and hard to reach areas
  • Clean Drop Bags – with one simple touch, you can release the full bag directly into the trash, so you never have to touch the dirty bag
  • Brush ON/OFF pedal control for use on bare floors and automatically turns off when in the upright storage/tool use position.
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S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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General description

The new Hoover Windtunnel Max bagged upright is amped up with the features that matter most to you. Windtunnel MAX Technology offers 3 channels of suction that remove dirt with less scatter. You may be able to clean quickly and proficiently with up to 17 feet of above the floor cleaning reach, seven floor settings for each floor type, and a 15 inch large nozzle that devours anything in its cleaning path. For people with allergies, a bagged choice offers excellent filtration. The nature of the bag itself keeps dirt contained. Requiring minimal maintenance, each Hoover Windtunnel Max Bagged Upright comes with two bags made with HEPA media that use the Clean Drop bag system, which lets you to dispose of a full bag without ever touching it.

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Contact me if you’re interested in bigger wholesale amounts of this or another merchandise. Intended to fit: All WindTunnel Upright Cleaners intended to fit Hoover original part numbers: 43655109, 4010100Y, 4010801Y, Item is: Micron filtration Allergy Bag Traps Bacteria, Dust Mites, etc. Down to 0. 01 micron.

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Models to consider:
VFBD57162 475831×30P68700 62648A197394A 0021E
GK-Adgil6XPGRK SC684FY08-5 B0188B9AUSMC-V145M 475831×100
JAN-PT100565 -EA Fits 5828ER54924B RXH-6AH10006 62618A
PKBB12OF EUR63256A10190681S 117SWAH10000 72N81
62614G U, U-3, U-6VFBU86230107 A85652323A 4010038N
CCPK8DW JAN-WIVER-3(10)S64703 SC889AJAN-WISEN-3(10) H23273x3
4010100A BGUPRO14TEL-5020 Series SC-59-2411-09PKIM76.5 CCPK8DW
JAN-ELU-2(10) G3 G4 G5 & GsixECC816 MC-V145MSJAN-LPH4-2 MC-UG223
EL204B HB8PKOHJAN-ELU-2(10) Y08-5PK80009DW ENV10
117SW CCPK8DWAH10000 475831×50P-14005 GK-5300GRK
RXH-6 CCPK8DW190681S 54924B64703B-6 HVR4010001A2PACK
MC-V145MS 63213B1 x 1 x 1 inches Y08-5475831×100 BGUPRO18T
RFH-6 MC-UG223AHLR-2 MC-V145MKenmore 50688 BG-11, 11X4.
29D61 0021EU-80 MC-UL955AH10006 DC41
PKIM76.5 B0188B9AUS4010038N H23273x3PK8000.9 AH10000
72N81 FBH-6CCPK8DW BGU1451T66707A-6 4010801Y
PK8000.9 67701A-6117SW 64703B-654924B 7029ER
475831×50 AS1051ALJQ1007 T39469ECC816 U-12
PK25COMP6DW 4010100A65701A-6 A846ECC174MNS BGUPRO18T
AMC-M2EP 1 x 1 x 1 inches29D61 6629AM197208SW ALOKD2-16X24
U1451 FG9VBPPB06H23273x3 S64703SC889A BGUPRO14T
VFBD57162 AH10040VFBU86230107 475831×100BVCLBHA2 JAN-LPH4-2
GK-5300GRK AHLR-24010801Y EUR63256A10M0914 Y08-5
66707A-6 JAN-ELU-2(10)U-80 EL204BM12H-6 LWPK6DW


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