April 21, 2017

Some info about WSM3300 Sump (WAYNE)


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  • Microprocessor controller continually checks for ac power and battery status, and runs a full self-tests every 14 days. If a problem is detected, the auto-dialer calls with a voice message to alert you of a problem before flooding occurs.
  • Powerful dc back up sump pump moves up to 3000 gph
  • Assembled in the US with foreign and domestic parts.
  • Program in up to 3 telephone numbers to autodial- your mobile phone, the plumber, or a neighbor.
  • This fits your .
  • Smart charging technology breaks the surface charge and brings battery back to optimal levels.
  • Use a deep cycle battery (not included), wet cell or maintenance-free. We recommend 40 a-hr. or higher.
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

“Hello, this is your sump pump calling”. Sump Minder is the only back up sump system on the market that monitors and self-tests your main and back-up sump pumps, and calls you in advance of a problem. Microprocessor controlled 12V back-up sump system self-tests the pump system every 14 days and sends a voice alert to any phone, so that you may take action before flooding occurs.

Compare with similar products:

Zircon Contractor Pack of Leak Alert Electronic Water Detectors, Batteries, White, 8-Pack

Zircon’s leak alert electronic water WSM3300 detector is available in a big freelancer pack which will include 8 leak alert units complete with 9-volt batteries for direct use. Zircon’s leak alert is perfect for use near water heaters, sinks, dishwashers, sump pumps, and more. Protect your home from water damage by putting leak alert anywhere the possible for flooding or leaks exist. Deafening (85dB) alarm sounds with direct water contac. Completely auto operation, no wiring obliged. Should flooding happen, the Leak Alert will float and send out an audible signal that’ll last for up to 72-hours. Operation will include a low battery warning for optimum performance. The bigger pack lets you to save money and protect the complete house with one buy.

Emergency Water Portable ing Kit Flood Water (All Purpose Self-Priming Water Model)

Pumps Up to 60 Gallons Per Minute Thermal Overload Protection Stainless Steel Shaft for Prolonged Durability Easy View Clear Filter Cover lets for Easy Filter Debris Checking Inlet/Outlet Threads are 1. 5″ with Removable Male 1. 5″ Hose Spigots Included Rated at More Than 1 Horse Power This high capacity electric water pump is very powerful, calm and movable making it perfect for everything from emergency flood pump applications to regular maintenance of draining and constant cleaning of above ground spas also as in ground pools, ponds, flooded regions, etc. It uses the water pumping through it to keep a uninterrupted average temperature preventing the motor from overheating (Water Temp Must be 80 degrees or lower) allowing for uninterrupted run time around the clock. This high performance pump is able of pumping up to 60 gallons per minute and has a mounting foot design that may be either permanently mounted as a uninterrupted filtration pump or used as a movable drain pump. The 1. 5″ female threaded connections come standard with a spigot in each intended for a 1. 5″ hose. The easy view clear filter cover makes it fast and easy to check to see if the filter needs cleaning without opening it. The two included water pump hoses are each 25 feet long making them perfect for pumping clean or dirty water and are intended to easily affix to this pump with the included hose clamps. These discharge hoses roll flat for easy storage. They’re heavy responsibility with a 0. 069″ thick design and can handle a maximum pressure of up to 58 PSI. Complete with corrosion tolerant housing. Mountable Feet Design lets for Permanent Installation Standard 6 Foot UL Certified Power Cord and Plug Corrosion tolerant Housing Commercial Grade.

Flotec FP7125-08 Pre-Charged Water Tank

Constructed of heavy-gauge steel with tough, appliance-like finish. Replaceable air/water separator prevents corrosion and bacterial growth – in compliance with FDA rules. Tank is factory pre-charged to 40 PSI. Pre-charged tanks are rated to compare with equivalent-size regular (standard) tanks by water draw down between pump cycles. The real physical size of a pre-charged tank is less and lets space savings up to 50% when comparing draw-down and size to that of a regular tank. Economy is achieved with the smaller size of pre-charged tanks in comparison to alike water delivery and size of regular tanks. This tank has a rated size of 120 gallons; the real tank capacity is 50 gallons. U. S. A. Max. Capacity (gal. ): 120, Dimensions D x H (in. ): 24 x 37, Max. PSI: 50, will include: Tank, Material: Steel, Discharge Port (in. ): 1 1/4.

Residential Alternator vs WSM-3300

10-0804 Features: -Residential alternator. -fitted audible horn and alarm display light. -For indoor use (Nema 1). -gives expanded pump life. -Economical way to alternate two residential sewage pumps. -12 Months warranty. -Voltage: 115V. -Dimensions: 7. 75″ H x 10. 25″ W x 10. 25″ D.

Little Giant 556559, DFB36PP Pallet Program Disappearing Basin, 36-Inch

Little Giant heavy responsibility disappearing water feature basins are perfect for in-ground installations. Our basins are ideal for smaller applications when you want the soothing sounds of water but are restricted on space. Basins sit flush with the ground and the sectioned access plates make maintenance a breeze. Cover your basin with a large range of rocks or pottery (not included) for a disappearing water effect.

Myers HJ100S Shallow Well Jet 1 HP vs WAYNE WSM3300 Sump pricing

Myers was founded in 1870 by Francis and Philip Myers in Ashland, Ohio. The brothers began by building farm implements, then engineered and made the 1st double-acting hand pump that delivered water on both the up and down strokes. From this simple beginning, the Myers pump line grew and evolved over the decades to include wastewater elimination and industrial pumps and systems. In 1960 the Myers family sold the business to the McNeil company of Akron, Ohio. In 1986 the business was assumed by Pentair, Inc. Of St. Paul, Minnesota, where Myers is part of this 3 billion corporations water merchandise group.

Fast Kit Plus 2

Will include:(2) FSS3V-11 1/3hp Sump Pump (3 year warranty), 2 – FastSump Inverter (FSI900W) with 2- 12 vt Sealed Battery (IBATT), 2- Battery Box (2) FastSump liners with air resistance lids, rubber grommets, dehumidifier plugs, sliders with wing nuts and bolts for attaching a FastDrain Outlet, 2- FastSump Service Pack which will include service envelope, owner’s manual, cord holder, (2) nail in fasteners, (4) 8″ cable ties, 1 1/2″ PVC Pipe, screw in check valve, 1 1/2″ Flex coupling.

Taco 2400-50 1/2HP Cast Iron High Capacity Circulator vs WAYNE WSM3300 Sump review

Taco 1400 Series Single Phase Circulating Pump. Features 115 Volts, 60 HZ, 3450 RPM Compact, space saving design Powerful close-coupled, maintenance free motor Superior efficiency, high starting torque Permanently lubricated, sealed for life bearings Precision balanced rotor for calm operation Carbon/Silicon-carbide mechanical seal for long life common flange to flange dimensions – Ideal for retrofits Anti-Condensate design for chilled water Dual electrical knock-outs Dual pressure taps, suction/discharge Less flanges Materials Of Construction Casing: Cast iron Face Plate: Stainless steel Motor Housing: Steel Impeller: 30 glass filled Noryl Shaft: hard alloy steel, Nu-Tride coated Mechanical Seal: Carbon/silicon-carbide Motor Bearings: Stainless steel, permanently lubricated O-Ring/flange gaskets: EPDM Single Phase Circulating Pump. TACO 1/2HP CI PUMP L/FLANGES 115V. 3/4″ – 1-1/2″ FLANGE SIZE.

3/4" Float Valve for Water Trough Horse Cattle Auto Filler HydroLogic Tanks

Auto Fill Valve is perfect for both permanent and temporary installations. Works with most skimmers and other pond equipment to let water to automatically fill in the skimmer vault. For all ponds. Non-toxic, tasteless, and may be used for drinking water. 3/4in NPT valve. Adjustable float. Features: Valve Body: ABS Plastic. Value Head: NR. Working Water Pressure: 0. 01 – 1. 3 Mpa Working Temp: -30 C to +70 C. Float Ball: PE. Length : 19. 6 CM. (See the picture in detail) Package: Quantity: 1.

Everbilt 1/3 HP Submersible vs WAYNE WSM3300 Sump price

This Everbilt 1/2 HP submersible pump seems to be lightly used and will come in the original box. It seems like new, may have only been used once. To ensure that you will not have any problems with this pump when you get it, we have completely inspected it and tested it. It’s undamaged and works perfectly. It’s in excellent used cosmetic condition. It seems to be complete, however look at all the pictures to see what is included and to see the cosmetic condition of this item. This item is from a big “do it yourself” home improvement chain store. We purchase our stuff from this store in bulk typically ranging from overstock, packaging damage to buyer returns. The pictures on this listing are of the item you’ll get, there aren’t stock photo’s used. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to let me know. Here are the plans and info on this item: The Everbilt 1/3 HP stainless steel/cast iron submersible sump pump is ideal for use in rugged applications. The oil-filled, high-efficiency PSC motor comes with lasting ball bearings and auto thermal protection. An groundbreaking reed sensor vertical float switch gives performance dependability. Stainless steel motor housing, rugged cast iron volute and seal plate maximizes pump life groundbreaking reed sensor vertical float switch gives performance dependability Permanent lubricated ball bearings for calm performance, free of maintenance Top suction design filters debris and minimizes clogging plans Dimensions Maximum Pumping Height (ft. ) 25 Product Width (in. ) 8. 74 Product Depth (in. ) 7. 24 Switch-Off Height (in. ) 2. 76 Product Height (in. ) 11. 81 Switch-On Height (in. ) 6. 93 Details Amperage (amps) 6. 1 Minimum working temperature (F) 35 Battery Back-Up No Power Type obliged AC Cord Length (ft. ) 10 Product Weight (lb. ) 16. 84 lb Discharge Flow 0 ft. (gallons/hour) 4000 Pump Swit.

Hydromatic FG-2200 Classic Smart Backup

The Hydromatic Smart Battery Backup Sump Pump System will assist protect the basement from water damage by kicking into action throughout power outages or main sump pump failures. Most home purchasers do not think about their sump pump, however when the consequences of unexpected pump failures are understood, the solution from Myers will help them in making the right choice.

Grundfos 96806135 3/4-Inch Low Lead Isolation Valve Kit, Sweat vs WAYNE WSM3300 Sump reviews

96806135 Features: -separation flange. -Pair of 0. 75” sweat pump separation valves. -Full port shut-off ball valve. -Dielectric separation: no galvanic (dissimilar metal) corrosion. -Service pump without draining system. -Swivel flange lets optimum pump mounting position. Will include: -Set will include (2) 0. 75” sweat separation valves, 2 gaskets, 4 nuts, 4 bolts. -All hardware included. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 4. 25” H x 2. 5” W x 4. 25” D.

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  1. Wayne WSB1275 75Ah AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  2. Zoeller 30 0181 PVC Plastic Check Valve, 1 1/2 Inch
  3. CHECK VALVE QUIET CLR1.5 by BRADY MfrPartNo 0823 15C
  4. WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump With Integrated Vertical Float Switch
  5. AY McDonald 4424 100 2069C 1 1/2 Clear Silent Check Valve
  6. Fernco P1056 150 1 1/2 Inch Stock Coupling

Models to consider:
Leak Alert-5pk SR506-EXP-4RFSN-9 3008-HD24FSPKPLUS2 R2-3
006-B4 LS270012-975XL I075C2R-2RL20 3017-C20
FP18-15BD-P2 MSPR5-1.0FP5162 008-VDTSF6-15-APCP 009-022RP
TCU854CRS#01 FPCC5030ZOE 014955 MXBD36-3AS-R10 SR504-EXP-4
28675-BLU1 MSPR13-3AS-R13 NDP-20BANAS-R50 QD1224-20
U109-6A BSPH1100-61-720A PJR 66S3008-RC PA0650200
17217-0000LF 30HDC140SFP7125-08 FP4122hj50d USC3
008-BC6 FPS17-6660166-BLU1 5/16 butyl2069C 2 AS-R41
WGFP-75 FP0S3000XARC18 008-VDTF6-1404L 0014-F1
ZOE 014955 HJ75S009-022RP WWT 35DHK-24 3-MD-SC
HJ75D AS-R1917217-0000LF 006-B46PY59 AS-R50
TCU854CRS#01 PJR 66SMSPR5-1.0 HJ50SALM-2-1 MSPR13-3
AS-R10 FP7125-08WB20XT2A AS-R13SP03302VD WGFP-75
3008-HD24 AKP8000954148DA FPCC50301-720A SR506-EXP-4
WPF-3680 XPB-1FG-2200 5-APCPFP7210-00 EFZ1039
CU301 PA0650200RMB-1 QD1224-20BSPH1100-6 FP401215H-04
30HDC140S AI-AM3060TFP4032 MQ3-35AKP38000 WWT 20
AS-R23 3008-RC5/16 butyl SPBS-10HF404L PJR 44S
SP03302VD HJ50S60166-BLU1 FP4032BSPH1100-6 RL20
2069C 2 TVRTX125-3WGFP-75 3017-C20ARC18 5-APCP
PC705-2 006-B43008-HD24 FP7125-08Leak Alert-5pk AS-R16
MQ3-35 FP18-15BD-P26PY59 Jackel-SMR161015/16 butyl ALM-2W
28675-BLU1 17217-0000LFFP7130 AI-AM3060T14EH-CIM 008-BC6
NDP-20BAN HJ75SFP401215H-04 EX-15009-022RP DHK-24
QD1224-20 USC3CU301 FP7210-00WWT 35 HP7C-02
9013fsg2j24m4 U109-6AMXBD36-3 FP0S3000XAS-R10 PA0650200


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