April 21, 2017

Air YPF1-12C (Global) has great reviews


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  • This fits your .
  • Digital controls offer precise temp; adjustments and the remote control lets you control the air conditioner from across the room; On/Off Timer
  • Unit must be vented to the outside Do not use extension cords
  • 12,000 BTUs of cooling power keep a room cool and comfortable with dehumidification; The 3-speed cooling and fan help spread the air evenly
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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General description

Enjoy movable cooling with the world Air Electronics 12,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner. The 12,000 BTUs of cooling power keep a room up to 400 sq. Ft. Cool and comfy with dehumidification up to 2. 8 pints per hour and the 3-speed cooling and fan and 4-way air direction help spread the air evenly during the room. Digital controls offer exact temperature modifications, and the remote control allows you to control the air conditioner from across the room. 24 hour On/Off Timer allows you to create a cooling schedule without wasting electricity; Washable and Reusable air filter saves money on replacements; Unit must stay upright for 24 hours before use. Unit must be vented to the outside (use included window installation kit and follow in depth installation information in the Owner’s Manual. Don’t use extension cords).

Compare with similar products:

AEY05LV 5,000 Window Room vs YPF1-12-C

Stay cool throughout the warmer YPF1-12C months with the General Electric AEY05LV 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioner. It comes in a neutral white finish that lets it to blend in with the outside of most houses. It has two cooling modes and many fan speeds, so you may be able to make the room cool or cold, based on the temperature outside. Easy to install, this EZ mount window kit is an ideal choice for any decent-size room.

CoolBox Jr Three Speeds Evaporative Cooler

Cool-A-Zone CoolBox Jr. 500 Sq. Ft. Movable Evaporative Air Cooler – C50. Cool-A-Zone CoolBox Jr. 500 Sq. Ft. Movable Evaporative Air Cooler – C50: Control the weather of your outdoor space with this CoolBox Jr from Cool-A-Zone. Ideal for backyards, outdoor events, restaurant patios, industrial applications or catastrophe break, this evaporative air cooler can lower air temperatures directly in front of unit from 10 – 25 degrees using water-soaked cooling pads. No condensation or exhaust hose is needed to use this air cooler, simply fill the 5 gallon reservoir with water, plug it in, then chill out. Because the CoolBox Jr maintains uninterrupted circulation, it’s efficient at controlling mosquitoes throughout your outdoor barbeques or pool parties. This machine is able of moving 1500 CFM of air, cooling 500 square feet of space, while ionizing the air. An included remote control lets you to control the unit from across the room, while the digital control panel on the unit lets you to set a run-time, control the temperature output, set the 3-speed turbo fan, and it displays a low-water warning. In case you aren’t around to get the warning, the pump will shut off automatically when the water level gets too low to prevent the pump from burning out. This OSHA-compliant air cooler runs silently on less than fifty cents a day making it cheap. 500 Sq. Ft. Cooling Capacity. 700 CFM Air Delivery. 3 Speed Turbo Fan. 5 Gallon Water Reservoir. 15″ large X 38″ Height X 15″ Depth. Item Weight – 24 lbs. Runs silently on less than 1 per day. Lowers Ambient Air Temperature 10 – 25 degrees. OSHA Compliant. Theoretically advanced digital control panel lets for run-time settings, output temperature control, fan speed and low-water warning. Auto Pump Shut-Off when water level is low.

Midea 6K Energy Star Window AC

The Arctic King MWK-06CRN1-BJ7 6,000 BTU window air conditioner removes both heat and humidity to keep you comfy. It sits in a window to preserve floor space and easily exhaust warm air to the outside. The MWK-06CRN1-BJ7 6,000 BTU window air conditioner plugs into standard household outlets so it may be used wherever it is needed. The Arctic King MWK-06CRN1-BJ7 6,000 BTU window air conditioner uses R410A refrigerant and has a 10. 7 EER. Fits Different Windows The MWK-06CRN1-BJ7 6,000 BTU window air conditioner fits big windows up to 36 inches and small windows down to 23 inches. Installation Kit This window air conditioner makes setup effortless with an included installation kit. 1 Touch Remote Control The Arctic King MWK-06CRN1-BJ7 comes complete with a 1 touch remote control to let setting modifications from across the room.

Lifetime 90073 Pro Court Height Adjustable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard vs YPF-1-12C

Lifetime 90073 Acrylic Fusion 44-inch Pro Court movable basketball system has a 27 gallon Pro Court base and a 44-inch tough acrylic fusion backboard, giving you the confidence to go up strong without fear of breaking it. The 3 part, 2. 75 inch round telescoping pole joins the hard base and backboard. Our backboard integrates a clear playing surface with high-affect polyethylene frame, that gives a superior strength and pro-glass look. All graphics are screen-printed with UV-protected inks, offering fade-tolerant color. The movable 27 gallon base may be filled with 225 lbs of water or 378 lbs of sand. Made of polyethylene and blow-molded to form a seamless, one-part part that has superior strength and durability. UV-protected and will not crack or degrade outdoors. Product of the U. S. A.

New AF-1000B Evaporative Cooler, Black

Keep cool with the new air af-1000b black movable evaporative cooler; this unit can cool up to 300 square feet with ease and at 200 watts, uses less electricity than an air conditioner could; the af-1000b will also cool in style with 3 possible color alternatives to fit into any room you may want to use it in; easy to roll Casters mean that you may have spot cooling on the go and a remote control means it’s easier to transport and use in different rooms;.

Haier HPN10XHM Heating 10000 /9000 vs Global Air YPF1-12C pricing

Meet your interior weather needs with help from the Haier 10000-BTU movable Air Conditioner. It’s ideal for spot cooling bigger rooms of up to 500 sq ft. This Haier 10,000-BTU room air conditioner may be used in single spaces inside a big house, also as in smaller standalone regions. It can supply both cooling in the summer and additional warmth in colder months. This silver and black Haier air conditioner features three cool settings, three fan settings and three heat settings. It has a convenient 24-hour on/off timer that may help to increase efficiency and decrease power intake. This heat/cool air conditioner also has a dehumidify mode to help decrease moisture in the air. It comes with a fast-install window kit.

Haier HPY12XCN Conditioner vs YPF-1-12-C

Stay cool this summer without running up the A/C bill. The Haier 12,000BTU movable Air Conditioner is a movable device that keeps an lonely area comfy in hot weather. Featuring three cool and three fan speeds, two-way air direction, temperature display and a dehumidifier, this super-calm air conditioner is an efficient means to beating the heat.

Shinco YPN214C 14,000 AC vs Global Air YPF1-12C review

The Shinco movable air conditioner with 14,000 BTU Cooling, The 14,000 BTUs of cooling power keep a room up to 500 sq. Ft. Cool and comfy and the 3-speed cooling and fan and 4-way air direction help spread the air evenly during the room and heater. Digital controls offer exact temperature modifications and the remote control allows you to control the air conditioner from across the room. Self-evaporative system,the condensing water is recycled to enhance efficiency through cooling condenser. Low sound, powerful cooling and strong wind. Colorful LED display showing temperature and operation position. Colorful LED display showing temperature and operation position. 24 hours programmable timer and auto shut-off. Washable air filter collects big dust particles and prevents bacteria build-up.

Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard

“This movable basketball system from Lifetime merchandise features a 44″” Shatterproof Fusion backboard with a telescoping height modification that changes from 7. 5 to 10 feet high. It also will include a Classic Rim with an all-weather nylon net and a 2. 75″” diameter round steel pole. With a 27-gallon heavy-responsibility movable base, this system is the ideal residential movable basketball system. “.

Honeywell HL12CESWG HL Series Conditioner with Remote Control, /Gray vs Global Air YPF1-12C price

The Honeywell hl series 12,000 BTU movable air conditioner combines 3-in-1 technology into one luscious and sleek body, cooling and dehumidifying regions up to 450 square feet. It features an auto-evaporation system, a dependable dehumidifying function also as a conventional three Speed fan only function delivering optimum cooling, dehumidification and new ventilation. The full-function remote control lets you to operate each feature from across the room. Unlike a fixed air conditioner unit, the Honeywell movable air conditioner requires no permanent installation and the smooth-gliding caster wheels supply easy mobility from room to room. A special sleep mode setting lets you to control the temperature for comfort throughout the night. This movable air conditioner comes with everything needed as well as a adaptable exhaust hose and an easy-to-install window venting kit. The window vent may be removed when the unit isn’t in use.

38"W x 38"D x 40"H Down Draft Heavy Duty Canvas Cover for Evaporative Swamp Cooler (38 x 38 x 40)

Product Features: intended to protect your evaporative cooler from rust, corrosion, water damage and mildew. Each evaporative cooler cover is made from a lasting, long-lasting canvas material intended to perfectly fit your cooler and give you many years of protection from the elements. Each cover will include a draw rope at the bottom to securely tighten the cover around the cooler. When the cover is made, the maker adds a couple of inches all around to be shrinking and minor cooler-size variations, which will ensure that the cover will maintain the correct size for your cooler through the years. Oversized to let for shrinkage and external cabinet features.

Uniflame Northgate Electric Tabletop Heater vs Global Air YPF1-12C reviews

Uniflame Northgate Electric Tabletop Heater vs Global Air YPF1-12C reviews keeps you warm when the weather will not. Set one of these Heaters on your patio table if you want to take pleasure in a meal outside when it is a bit too cold. It heats up to a 10-foot circle, so as long as you are sitting at the table, you will feel nice and warm. The weather-tolerant hardware means you will not to haul the Heater back inside every time you are through using it. Details: 1,200 watt Halogen heating bulb uses a regular 120V grounded outlet; Safety tilt switch turns the Heater off in case it is accidentally knocked over; 8-foot cord; CSA certified to guarantee safety; 1 year restricted warranty; Dimensions: 20″ x 20″ x 33″; Weighs 14 lbs. Order Now. Uniflame Northgate Electric Tabletop Heater vs Global Air YPF1-12C reviews.

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Models to consider:
OP60 WA-1220MARC-13W YPN2-12HN44W CO30XE
Office Pro 18 PAC2K363SHCB-P11-A HL14CESWBPACJS2400 PAC AN140ES
GMCN100S 5HNBA5AC-12000H KY-120E1OP60 DPA100A1GD
PACAN140ES.WH-3A CO60PMiwa05km CL201AEWA-1220M PACKA43
KDC-120 ARP-5010DPA100A1GD 2YAE1-2HTK9OP36 PAC2K363S
KY2-100 AP16000GMMBT12 13C657SF-614P Office Pro 24
OP60 MWK-06CRN1-BJ7EVC350 LP1013-RB5HNBA5 PAD6060/G-6
MMBT14 C100EOffice Pro 18 FFPA0822R1HPC12XHR KY-80 E9 DB
ACW200CH CCDD424835SENP/12 AF-1000RAC-12000H PAC-AN135EWS
B8400W GPAC8KCARC-10K 13C657FCF0005000GS ARC-122DHP
KY2-100 PAC52-2-12DLP1111WXR P09BMMBT12 LP0910WNR
ARP-2412 CCDD424728WA-9010E YPC-012CAPAC120S KY-120E1


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